• On the first floor of the building, there is a perfume store ‘LEAUMAGIQUE’, and a dessert cafe.
  • On the second floor of the building, there is a common lounge area and a kitchen for MEEYA staff to prepare breakfast.
  • On the third floor of the building, there are 3 types of bedrooms with twin beds and queen sized beds in each room.
  • Lastly, on the 4th floor of the building, we have a whole floor rental with a private kitchen and a rooftop patio
    that is suitable for 4-5 guests.

Reception / Kitchen / Main Room - 2F

This is a fully equipped kitchen to prepare and serve breakfast. Breakfast will be served in this area every morning,
as well as coffee and tea. Check out the bar tables by the wide windows and enjoy the alleys of Yeonnam-dong.
Feel free to come down to the lounge to read, relax, and hang out with other guests.

  • Cooking Class Kitchen Rentals
  • Public space in a cafe atmosphere

2F photo

※ Common lounge is open until 8pm. Please put everything back in its place. Thank you for your cooperation.

Double / Twin / Family Room - 3F

It is a bright and comfortable room for 3-4 people. The room has a private bathroom and a private toilet just outside of the room. 3 beds are in the room (1 King sized and 2 super single). Perfectly sized for 4 people and also great for 3 person who wants separate beds. Each bed is equipped with latex mattresses and cotton fabric, allergy-free pillows. You may use a fantastic modern kitchen and reception lounge on 2nd floor while you stay.(before 10pm)
※3 beds for 3-4 people.
Private room along with a fantastic common kitchen on 2nd floor where K-pop music video filmed in. A Korean Web drama also filmed in Meeya pent on 4th Floor.
※self serviced Breakfast included(8:20-9:30)

This is one of the most bright and pretty room in the house. You will be able to sit and relax, looking out the window and enjoy watching the walking people on the street.
You may use a fantastic modern kitchen and reception lounge while you stay.
# Private room, 1 queen beds for 2 people.
# Self-serviced Breakfast included(8:20-9:30)
Ideal location in Seoul, direct access from the Incheon airport and close to city attractions, private suite with fantastic common lounge, kitchen on 2nd Floor where a Korean Music Video were filmed.

The room has a bright wide window and two super single beds. You will be sharing the bathroom with another Double room. The latex mattress and cotton fabric, allergy free pillow will help you sleep. You may use a fantastic modern kitchen and reception lounge while you stay.
※Only 3 min. by walk from Hongik Univ. Station(Direct access from Airport).
Ideal location in Seoul, Private suite with common lounge and kitchen where a Korean music video filmed in.
※2 beds for 2 people
※Self serviced breakfast included (8:20-9:30)

Whole rental with Kitchen - 4F

*Whole floor rental

Private and fully equipped Kitchen and dining, Rooftop patio, Bathroom and private suite big enough to accommodate group sized travelers.
A Korean web-Drama and music video filmed in this place~!!
※ 3 beds for 5 people.